Refund Policy


1. merely facilitator, and any refunds for any service(s) that aren't provided by the service provider/Independent Contractors or in any way that the user is entitled to the refund, is contingent upon. GOTRIPLO receiving the money from the service provider.

2.       The User agrees that GOTRIPLO is not accountable for any delays in refunding or the non-refunding of the amount by the service provider in question as well as Independent Contractors for GOTRIPLO In such cases, the User must directly contact the service provider to resolve any claim.

3.       If the User is able to make any changes to their accommodations while on outbound tour, GOTRIPLO. will not be liable for any changes. Outbound Tour, GOTRIPLO shall not reimburse or compensate in any way.

4.       The user will also be required to pay any additional amount needed to be paid in relation to the above-mentioned changes made in the hotel.

5.       If there is any delay in refunding the money beyond the time specified in this document GOTRIPLO.'s entire liability is a reimbursement of the amount owed, plus interest at the current rate of the bank up to the time when the reimbursement is processed.



1.       If GOTRIPLO modifies or alters a holiday or tour after the tour or holiday was scheduled, the user will be able to continue with the tour or holiday in the manner modified or altered or accept any alternative holiday or tour that GOTRIPLO  could provide.

2.       In any of the cases in the above situations, the User will have no right to or GOTRIPLO will be liable towards the user for any damages caused by additional costs or losses suffered by the User.

3.       GOTRIPLO.'s responsibility in these cases is to only refund the the price of the tour to the customer (after subtracting the actual cost that were incurred by GOTRIPLO in the course of the booking, including insurance premiums, visas and any other costs depending on the situation, without any interest on that.


1.       For tours such as cosmos, carnival or star cruise amusement parks, museums etc. The conditions set forth by the respective organizations will be also applicable.

2.       It is it's responsibility for the customer to get to the point at the time of departure of the tour and to register with the GOTRIPLO. representative or GOTRIPLO tour guide/tour manager at the time the date and time.

3.       If a user is able to avail pre-tour service or a part of it, or even the airfare tickets (cost of that is included in the price of the tour) however fails to join the group for the principal tour at the time and place specified or decides to cancel the tour after having used the air tickets or pre-tour arrangements or any part of it, it will be considered to be "no show" and there is no reimbursement in any way for unutilised pre-tour or tour services.

4.        GOTRIPLO.cannot be held responsible for any danger to the safety, health and well-being of the user when they participate in any or all of the activities offered, like adventure sports, Amusement park and rides ferry rides or sightseeing, or any other activities which could pose a risk of injury or death if that the user undertakes as part of the OBT, or on his own during the OBT.

5.       Any incidental damage or loss, injury, accident, death etc. caused as a result of such activities shall be solely at the risk and the responsibility of the User attributable to GOTRIPLO


1.       GOTRIPLO  could occasionally introduce promotions or discount deals in the travel package either internally or externally through advertising and certain participants on the group tour may be eligible for additional benefits as a result of access to these promotions and discounts.

2.       There are no claims by Users of the group to receive such benefits will be valid if they are not eligible for discounts or are eligible under the promotion.

3.       If there is a public announcement of any travel plan that offers any discount or benefit offered by GOTRIPLO shall have the sole authority to end the scheme or discount at any point.



1.       GOTRIPLO retains the option to cancel the tour membership of any user who's conduct is believed to be likely to disrupt the smooth running of the tour outbound or negatively impact the safety or enjoyment for other travelers.

2.       GOTRIPLO  is not responsible for any damage resulting from this removal.

3.       It is a requirement of the booking that the user purchase insurance for holidays.

4.       Transferring between one trip and the next prior to the departure date of the original tour booked would be considered to be an annulment of the initial tour, and could result in cancellation fees as described above and a new booking would require the current rates.


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