Privacy Policy


GoTriplo recognizes the importance of privacy for its customers and is committed to keeping the confidentiality of data provided by its customers as a responsible data controller as well as data processor.

This Privacy Policy describes the methods of the handling and protection of Personal Information of the user (defined in this policy) from GoTriplo and its affiliates and subsidiaries.

This Privacy Policy applies to anyone ('User') who purchase or plans to purchase or ask questions concerning or inquire about any product(s) or service(s) that are offered via GoTriplo via any one of the GoTriplo's channels for customer interaction such as its mobile application, mobile site and offline channels, including offices and call centers (collectively called "Sales Channels").

In the context of the purposes of this Privacy Policy, whenever the context requires it "you" or "your" will mean User, and the phrase "we", "us", "our" shall mean GoTriplo. For the purposes of the Privacy Policy Website refers to the website(s) and mobile site(s) and mobile app(s).

When using or accessing the Website or any other Sales Channels the user accepts the conditions of the Privacy Policy and its contents. If you are not in agreement the terms of this Privacy Policy don't browse or use our Website or any other Sales Channels.

This Privacy Policy doesn't have any effect on the website(s) mobile sites and mobile applications of third party companies, regardless of whether their products or websites have a link to our site. Users should be aware that the privacy policies and information of GoTriplo's advertisers, business partners and sponsors, or any other sites with which GoTriplo offers hyperlink(s) might differ significantly from our Privacy Policy. In this regard, it is recommended to read the privacy policies and privacy statements of any third party that they work with.

This Privacy Policy forms an integral component in your User Agreement which includes GoTriplo and the terms that are capitalized and not defined in this policy, will have the meanings that are assigned by the User Agreement.



It is important to note that the information that you provide to GoTriplo will be processed in India as well as other countries in which a third party hired by GoTriplo might be able to process the data on behalf of GoTriplo.

By submitting your consent with this statement, you provide GoTriplo with your express consent to use your personal data for the purpose(s) stipulated within this statement.

The regulations for data protection in India or any other jurisdiction mentioned above might differ from the regulations in your home country.

If you are concerned regarding the way we process your personal data and want to change your consent, then you can opt to do so by writing to the following email address: .......................

However, if the processing of data is required for us to to offer you services in the future, we might not be able to fulfill or confirm your reservations after your decision to withdraw consent.

For example, if you are planning to book an international vacation package with the form of fixed time frames (group bookings) and you provide certain information about yourself such as your contact details such as gender, gender, preferences for dietary and preference for a room with a smoking facilities, medical issue that may require particular attention or a facility, etc. could be required to be shared with our suppliers in each city you'll be staying in and they can further process the information for making the best arrangements for you during your vacation.

This sharing and processing could extend to the hotel in which you'll stay as well as our tour guide who'll serve as your guide throughout the trip.

The withdrawal of consent from you to us processing your personal information could:

1.    significantly hinder our capacity to meet your needs and, in this case it is possible to deny the reservation altogether in order to prevent us from serving you properly.

2.    We will not be able to serve your reservation (if you have already made) that could affect the trip, or even force our company to defer your trip.


The information provided below is gathered by us to enable us to offer the services you have requested and to also fulfill our legal obligations and our obligations to third parties according to the User Agreement.

"Personal Information" of the User will include the information provided by the User and that is gathered by us for the following reasons:

Registering on our Website Information provided when you sign up or register on the website, which may include but not restricted to information regarding your identity, like name and gender, marital status as well as your age, religion and profile photo etc.

Contact details including the email addresses, postal address frequent flyer numbers or phone (mobile or other) or numbers for fax


It could also include details such as your bank information (including credit or debit card) and other data related to your income or life style; your billing information, and payment history. (as disclosed with you).

Other details: We many also take other types of information and documents, including but not only:

  • The history of your transactions (other than bank details) regarding your online shopping activities purchasing behavior.
  • Your passwords, usernames, email addresses, and other information related to security that is are used by you with respect to our Services.
  • Information that is either yours or by a third-party and that you would like to save on our servers like images, documents, etc.
  • Information that is publically available or obtained from any third party, such as social media channels, such as but not only personal or non-personal information from linked social media accounts (like name email address, address for friends, name list, profile photos as well as any information allowed to be shared in accordance with the settings of your profile) as component of the account details.
  • Information about another traveler(s) that you book a reservation through your GoTriplo account. GoTriplo account. In such a case you need to confirm and warrant that each other traveler(s) who have you have made a reservation is in agreement to have the information you provide shared with us and then be shared with the provider of service provider(s).
  • If you want GoTriplo to provide visa-related services, you must provide copies of your passport and bank statements, as well as the originals of filled in applications, photographs as well as any other documents that might be required by the specific embassy for processing the visa request.
  • When booking international flights, customers who are in compliance with the liberalized remittance Scheme(LRS) of the RBI or any other law, are required to supply information like their PAN number or passport details or any other required information by the Service Provider. This information will be utilized in accordance with the above specifications only. If a customer doesn't want to supply the required information, GoTriplo may not be capable of processing the reservation. GoTriplo does not share Users' PAN details without prior consent , unless such procedure is required by any law enforcement agency for an investigation in court or in connection with any legal procedure.
  • If you choose to use the option of a contactless check-in at Hotels you must bring copies of your identification card from the government such as driving license, aadhar or election card. Self-declaration, Self-declaration, and any other information such as dates of birth, origin/destination of travel and your place of residence might require the Hotel in order to honor your reservation.
  • When booking international flights, customers are required to comply with the liberalized remittance Scheme(LRS) of the RBI or other laws, are required to disclose information including their PAN details or passport information number, or any other required information by the Service Provider.
  • If you choose to use the option of a contactless check-in at Hotels you must bring copies of your identification card from the government such as driving license, aadhar or election card. Self-declaration, Self-declaration, and any other details like dates of birth, origin/destination of your travel, and the place of residence which could require the Hotel in order to honor your reservation.
  • The status of your Covid-19 vaccination and certificate in the event that you are planning to take advantage of any service purposes for which this Covid-19 vaccine related information is required or you wish to have access to your vaccination certificate in the future to travel or for any other reason. GoTriplo will not take care of the beneficiary's id or other information about your ID that are contained in the vaccination certificate.

This information will be utilized for the above-mentioned specific and legal purpose only. Users further agree that GoTriplo can share this information with the final supplier of the service or with any third-party to provide and facilitate the requested booking. 

GoTriplo will always erase all sensitive and confidential information that is contained in the vaccination certificate bank statement, passbook and any identity cards used to avail an offer or service or booking a product through the website.

If a user is not willing to provide the information requested or requests removal of the information previously supplied, GoTriplo may not be capable of processing the booking request. 

GoTriplo will not share any of the information obtained, including PAN card details and Vaccination status, certificate, Passport information , Aadhar Card information without the prior permission unless the action is required by a law enforcement agency for an investigation or pursuant to court orders or in connection with any legal procedure.